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Home alone

In the 1970's two children were born. One feel asleep so deeply immediately after birth, that its soul sank beneath the sleep and didn't surface again. The other child rejected its soul, so that it fell out of its body and died. Because one child was sleeping and the other dead, they were so unusual that they recognised each other when they met. They found each other in their early years, and stayed together ever after. They wanted to be preachers of Life, but they became preachers of Death, because one child slept and the other was dead. However, times change, and all stories come to an end. So that all that remained was the preaching of Death, because time and reality had overhauled the preaching of Life. Notwithstanding, they were loved for their preaching of Death, so greatly loved that it seemed as if new life would come out of Death. Because life springs from love, it is said. Now although love was merely the seed for this life, the earth from which it grew remained Death. So they came to understand that everything derives from Death, and that all Life was just an illusion, that it was a suffocated seedling, and not what it used be, once upon a time in Paradise. Their coming together took on another meaning for them from now on, and their deathly suffering was no longer necessary because there was only this – nothing but this. They were ordinary, just like the others, and there was no loss of life to grieve over. They could be, without tears. They could be, without heaven and earth. Everything existed without Life. And so they existed happily ever after.


Photos of Mrs. and Mr. Arafna


Mrs. Arafna:

Voice, Texts, Production

Mr. Arafna:

Composition, Elektronik, Voice, Texts, Production